Robot Vacum Cleaner Purelife

The PURELIFE is a full automated robot vacum cleaner, tested and proven in europaen households.
It works swift on wooden and laminated floors, tiles and short carpets. A must have for any pet owners

ZAR 4990,-

  • Auto Working, Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and UV light disinfection
  • Low noise ( lowest level in this industry) <55db
  • HEPA filter
  • Free virtual wall with two-way infrared signal transmitters
  • Time Schedule work
  • Speed selection, Auto charging function
  • Wireless remote controller
  • Dirt detection function
  • Anti-falling function, avoides steps and staircases.
  • Remote control
  • Multi modes for cleanig: Auto cleaning, spot cleaning, along the wall & docking mode
  • Moves easily over borders e.g. carpet to floor or door sills.
Every relationship needs one of these

Whether you’ve been married for fifty years or just moved in together, if you’re living with your significant other you have to have this. Without a doubt. Here’s why:

A time will come when your house will need to be vacuumed but neither of you will want to do it. That’s fair. It’s as boring as it gets and takes ages. But you also can’t live in a place with two inches of dust on the floor.

See, if the man tells the woman to clean up, he’s just committed the biggest faux pas there is. Stereotypes like that will get you killed.

But on the flip side, the man in question will almost never offer his vacuuming services just sommer either. If he really had to make a choice, two inches of dust on the floor actually doesn’t sound that bad.

See how necessary it is? Your love life practically depends on it.

We have a couple of those helpers running in our offices and homes and we are absolutely happy with the performance. It is a real help in the pursuit of a clean, healthy house.

Some tips,

  • The machine works best if you clear all obstacles of the floor (e.g. shoes)
  • Empty the dust container regularly, you will be amazed how much dirt that little fellow collect
  • Carpet frills get eaten by the Cleaner and will stuck
  • The Robot is not a full size vacuum cleaner, but if you run him regularly, it helps you to save a lot of time when it comes to cleaning.
  • “Purelife” cleans its way randomly through the room, but in time he has covered all possible areas.

Package contents:

Roboter vacum cleaner, Virtual wall, Docking Station, Remote control, mopping plate, spare brush, spare mopp, manual